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Business Intelligence - Analysis and Implementation

Your existing IT assets contain immense amounts of data about your customers and your operations. The value of this data is realized in two important, but different ways:

  1. Reliably and efficiently running the day to day operations of your enterprise. The data serves to ensure your customers can login to your website, the warehouse can receive orders, and accounting can print checks.
  2. Understanding your market, operations, and customers. This is enabled by Business Intelligence (BI), which provides everyone in your organization with the information and facts essential to making effective decisions. It enables you to report on customers across brands, offer promotions tailored to customers, find your profitable customers and quantify their value, and provide customer service agents with the whole picture to best assist the customer in the moment that matters.

Your IT staff is likely working under time and money constraints and devoting their talent to maintaining the operational systems that run your business. Leveraging the strategic nature of your data requires different skills, methodologies, and philosophies to deliver business value.

“Strategic information is far more important for the continued health and survival of a corporation”
—Paulraj Ponniah
Data Warehousing Fundamentals, © Wiley 2001

Bayon will analyze, plan, and build technology solutions that deliver clean, actionable information into the hands of your executives and employees. We are experts in uncovering areas of critical information deficiency that are critical to your most salient business needs. BI provides compelling results and may, unlike other IT investments, have a dramatic effect on the continued health and growth of your organization.

Bayon has delivered cost savings and growth opportunities for our current customers and looks forward to providing those same exceptional services to you. Please contact Bayon to discuss your information needs, strategic goals and how we can help you bridge the data-to-information gap.

Bayon works with a variety of vendors, partners, and toolsets specific to the problem at hand driving through technical and implementation realities to provide a compelling return on your BI investment.

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“Information is, above all, a principle of economy. The fewer data needed, the better the information. And an overload of information lead to information blackout. It does not enrich, but impoverishes.”

—Peter Drucker
(Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices Copyright 1977)