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Bayon was named after the magnificent temple, of the same name, at the Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia. The Bayon temple is elaborately decorated with smiling faces whose meaning is still unknown, even today. The smiling faces convey a secret knowledge; a comfortable confidence in a mysterious wisdom.

Bayon endeavors to provide customers with the same longstanding knowledge and confidence to smile at the world in the face of tough competition and significant challenges.


Bayon provides customers with information solutions that provide an immense, measurable return-on-investment by:

  • Planning and implementing solutions that bring them closer to their customers, give them more intimate knowledge of their operations, and enable them to understand and effectively grow their businesses.
  • Utilizing superior technical capabilities coupled with holistic, business-focused methodologies.


Please contact us via email ( or phone (877-710-3038). We appreciate the opportunity to discuss your business needs and how Bayon can bring you closer to your customers and help you gain insight into your operations.

While our consultants deliver solutions without geographic restrictions our primary office is located at:

4742 42nd Ave SW #339
Seattle, WA 98116
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