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Your existing IT assets contain immense amounts of data about your customers and your operations. Bayon provides analysis and implementation services to develop Business Intelligence (BI) tools that will turn that data into information you can use.

BI provides compelling results and may, unlike other IT investments, have a dramatic effect on the continued health and growth of your organization. BI projects have a potential ROI up to 100 times the initial investment.

Bayon has delivered cost savings and growth opportunities for our current customers and looks forward to providing those same exceptional services to you.

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Bayon consultants are experts on implementing complete Business Intelligence solutions using Open Source projects. Our pragmatic approach includes the ability to deliver the entire solution on a 100% Open Source stack but more commonly a mixed stack of Open Source and Proprietary components.

These capabilities include the major features of any Business Intelligence solution: Dashboards, Reports, Self Service Reporting, OLAP, ETL, Metadata Services.

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